Analysis of Omega-Gate Nanowire SOI MOSFET Under Analog Point of View

Keywords: SOI MOSFET, omega-gate, nanowire, unit-gain frequency, intrinsic voltage gain


This paper presents an evaluation of omega-gate nanowire n- and p-type SOI MOSFETs performance focusing on the main analog figures of merit. The different channel widths (WNW) and channel lengths (L) were also evaluated. These devices presented values of subthreshold slope near the theoretical limit at room temperature (60 mV/dec) and in the worst case a DIBL value smaller than 70 mV/V showing its immunity to short channel effects (SCEs) in the range studied. The narrowest device showed great electrostatic coupling, improving transconductance (gm), presenting an unit gain frequency over 200 GHz and intrinsic voltage gain over 80 dB. These values suggests that this device is capable of achieving good performance on new applications such as 5G communications and Internet-of-Things (IoT).

Selected Papers from 34th Symposium on Microelectronics Technology and Devices