An Electric-Based Model for Coupling Traps Effect on Random Telegraph Noise

  • Thales Exenberger Becker UFRGS
  • Pedro Augusto Böckmann Alves
  • Eduardo Pellin Moser
  • Gilson Inácio Wirth
Keywords: Random Telegraph Noise, Coupling Traps, Resistive Coupling Model.


In this work, we present a novel understanding about the anomalous Random Telegraph Noise (aRTN), asserting the existence of coupling effect among multiple traps regarding current amplitude deviation. Based on the examination in the literature of anomalous current fluctuation, we propose a model able to describe the equivalent filament resistance changes due to this process. Notwithstanding, the results obtained with our model fits with experimental current over time observations presented on literature. Given that RTN is still a concern for different technologies, such as MOSFETs, FinFets and ReRAMs, the model can be applied to understanding the dynamics of filament distribution and the trapping de-trapping activity.

Special Section on SBMicro2020