Analysis of Mobility in Graded-Channel SOI Transistors Aiming at Circuit Simulation

  • Lucas Mota Barbosa da Silva Centro Universit├írio FEI
  • Bruna Cardoso Paz
  • Michelly de Souza
Keywords: Effective mobility, SOI, Graded-Channel transistors, Y-Function, SPICE simulation


This work presents an analysis of the behavior of the effective mobility of graded-channel FD SOI transistors using an Y-Function-based technique. Low field mobility, linear and quadratic attenuation factors were extracted from two-dimensional numerical simulations. The influence of the length of both channel regions over these parameters was analyzed. The parameters extracted from experimental data were used in a SPICE simulator, showing that it is possible to simulated GC SOI MOSFET using a regular SOI MOSFET model, by adjusting its parameters.

Special Section on SBMicro2020