UTBB Thermal Coupling Analysis in Technological Node Level

  • Fernando José Costa Centro Universitário FEI
  • Renan Trevisoli Doria
  • Rodrigo Trevisoli Doria
Keywords: SOI, UTBB, Self-Heating, Thermal Resistance, Thermal-Coupling


The main goal of this work is to perform a first-time analysis of the thermal cross-coupling in a system composed by some devices in an integration node degree composed by advanced UTBB SOI MOSFETs through numerical simulations, validated with experimental data from the literature. In this analysis, it could be observed that devices located on the channel length direction provoke a reduced thermal coupling and devices with their drain region next to each other suffer of an increased thermal coupling due to the lumped thermal energy. It also could be observed a degradation in some electrical parameters and in the thermal properties of a device under the influence of surrounded devices biased.

Special Section on SBMicro2020