Effect of Interface Traps on the RTS Noise Behavior of Junctionless Nanowires

  • Marcos Picoli Centro Universitário FEI
  • Renan Trevisoli
  • Rodrigo T. Doria
Keywords: JNT, RTS Noise, G-r Noise, Interface Traps


This work presents a study on the effects of single interface traps throughout the Junctionless Nanowire Transistor (JNT). The results are obtained by analyzing the Random Telegraph Signal noise of the device, which consists of an exception of the generation-recombination noise. The results obtained are mostly from numerical simulation, validated through experimental data. As in physical devices, it is impossible to obtain a single trap in specific locations, we have used a distribution of traps with similar characteristics in a way that they behave like a single trap. The results show the behave considering a set of traps distributions, using an exponential model. The traps are distributed from the conduction band to the valence band.

Keywords– JNT; RTS Noise; G-r Noise; Interface Traps.


Special Section on SBMicro2020