On the Variability of the Low-Frequency Noise in UTBOX SOI nMOS-FETs

  • Eddy Simoen
  • Maria G. C. Andrade
  • Luciano M. Almeida
  • M. Aoulaiche
  • C. Caillat
  • M. Jurczak
  • Cor Claeys
Keywords: FD SOI nMOSFET, Low frequency noise, Generation-recombination noise, Noise variability


The variability of the low-frequency (LF) noise in n-channel MOSFETs fabricated on an Ultra-Thin Buried Oxide (UTBOX) Silicon-on-Insulator (SOI) substrate has been studied and compared with the variability in the threshold voltage and low-field mobility of the same devices. No correlation has been found between the noise magnitude and the DC parameters, suggesting that the traps responsible for the current fluctuations do not affect the latter. A possible explanation is that the LF noise is dominated by Generation-Recombination (GR) centers in the silicon film, which have less impact on the drain current.